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1) Register for free and receive 10 Free Bids!

2) Purchase your Bid Packs.
Bids cost $0.70 to $0.75 each and come in the following:
  • Lil Monster (25 Bids for $18.75)
  • Problem Child (50 Bids for $37.50)
  • Born Bad (75 Bids for $56.25)
  • Disturbed (100 Bids for $75.00)
  • Chiller (250 Bids for $175.00)
  • Sinister (500 Bids for $350.00)
  • Wicked Evil (1000 Bids for $700)
  • Maniac (2000 Bids for $1400)
Note: You can purchase bids for yourself or send to someone else as a gift!

3) Pick an auction you would like to bid on.
We have an interesting and exciting variety of different items and bid packages to choose from, ranging from Gift Cards for food, goods and services, to electronics, and also fun items you may not see often on other PA sites such as gift baskets, guitars and other exciting items! All of the items auctioned on our site are brand new! If you are new to Penny Auctions or simply desire to bid risk-free, please select a BuyItNow Auction to bid on. BuyItNow Auctions allow the user to bid risk-free, because if you do not win the auction, you may apply your spent bids toward the purchase of the item.

4) Bid on an item
Each time you bid on an item, one bid will be deducted from your account and the auction price will increase by $0.01 for. Note that once you place a bid, it is considered "used" and will not be returned. WickedBidder offers many types of Auctions. The following Auction types are offered by WickedBidder:

Featured Auctions - Win Limits for Featured Auctions only are 2 per day 8 per week and 16 per month
There are 3 types of Featured Auctions: Regular Featured Auctions, Intermediate Featured Auctions, and Beginner Featured Auctions. Besides the regular limits on Featured Auctions, there are some additional limits on Intermediate and Beginner Auctions. Intermediate Auctions are limited to users who have had won less thans six auctions on the site (including Reserves). The Beginner Featured Auctions are limited to bidders who have never one a single auction, whether it be Featured or Reserve. Within each of the Featured Auction categories, there are several auction types:
  • FB - Free Bidding (Users may bid freely without using their bids and winner will simply pay the ending price)
  • Nailbiter Auction (Exciting Penny Auction with no Wickomatic bids allowed)
  • PA - Penny Auction (Regular Penny Auction where users are allowed the option of using or not using Wickomatic)
  • TI - Tiered Auction (Regular Penny Auction but value of prize goes up as the number of bids increase. The prize for each level is clearly stated in the detail description) Once the reserve price is hit, the timer will then count down to zero and the auction will end)
  • EL - Elite Auction (Regular Peny Auction with optional Wickomatic. Only users with a minimum number of previous wins will be allowed to bid)

Reserve Auctions There are no Win Limits on Reserve Auctions.
A random reserve price is set on the item. The auction resets the timer to two minutes until the reserve price is hit.

Note: Some Auctions are also BuyItNow opportunites. You can tell its a BuyItNow if the "Wicked Price" is listed.

All prizes offered in the above Auctions may include prizes as mentioned above, such as gift cards, electronics, etc., Bid Packs, or a combination prize/Bid pack.


Name of item
You can click the name or the picture to get more info about the item.

Retail value of item
Always see what the retail Price is so you can know the aproximate value of the item.

Wicked Price of item
This is the competitive price we offer here at WickedBidder. This appears only for BuyItNows.

Auction timer (hh:mm:ss)
Shows how much longer the auction will be open. When the clock nears zero, each bid will add 10-30 seconds back to the clock to allow you or other bidders to respond.

Auction price
The price starts at zero and each bid increases it by 1 cent .

Current highest bidder
Displays the most recent bidder. If you are the final bidder when the clock runs out, you win, and the item is yours for the final auction price!

Bid button
Click here to place a bid on the item. What does this cost me? 1 bid subtracted from your bids.

Here is where you can start, end, or update the number of Automatic bids to be placed. Bids will be automatically placed for you. Users may use the Wickomatic so that they can take a break from manual bidding. Some users use this as a strategy to intimidate other bidders. Wickedbidder makes no claim as to increasing or decreasing your chances while using Wickomatic.

Winning bidders
There are only two charges associated with using our site:
1) Purchasing bids in order to participate in an auction
2) Paying for an item you've won
Note: Shipping is FREE to anyone in the US and you have the option of shipping to someone else and including a gift message all for FREE!!

Purchasing bids
To bid in an auction, you must first purchase bids. Bids cost between .70 and .75 cents. Please see above for available Bid Packs. A Lil Monster 25 Bidpack, for example, will give you 25 chances to bid. Every time you bid on an item, the number of bids in your account is reduced by one. When your bids run out, you must buy more bids in order to continue..
Note: You can also purchase bid packs for someone else and send as a gift, along with a message especially for them.

Paying for Items
For your convenience, we have created a shopping cart. You can pay for each item individually of course, but when you have multiple items, like bid packs, wins, buynows, etc. you can purchase them all at once to save you time. Keep in mind that nothing will ever be charged to you until you manually run it through our checkout. Once checkout has been successfully completed and payment has been confirmed, you will receive your item. Please remember, you have up to 10 days to purchase won auctions or they will be removed from your shopping cart.

Shipping items
Keep in mind, everthing here at WickedBidder Ships for FREE anywhere in the US! You also have the option of selecting a different shipping address so that you can send to someone else as gift!

Win Limits:
Win Limits are set to allow everyone a chance. At WickedBidder, we reserve the right to change the Win Limits at any time. Win limits are currently 2 per day, 8 per week, and 16 per month

Wicked Tips from WickedBidder

Here is a list of suggestions from WickedBidder . They are not guaranteed strategies.

- Bid early, especially if it is a Reserve Auction.
- Before you get started, be sure to check out how WickedBidder works by reading though this entire page.
- Be patient and observe the site before you bid.
- Don't bid on too many items and then when something you really want comes up you don't have enough bids.. Focus on one or   two auctions at a time to maximize your chances of winning.
- Watch for our slower times and take advantage of them.
- Make sure you have enough bids in your account to win the item you want.
- Always check the number of remaining bids in your account and purchase more if needed. You don't want to run out of bids.
- If you are new to Penny Auctions or are just concerned about your first experience on Wickedbidder, we suggest you choice a   BuyItNow auction item. This way you are bidding risk free and can apply your placed bids towards the final purchase if you do not win!